My husband has a problem with very dry skin and itchy red scalp. He has seen a Dermatologist for this condition and has been treated with antibiotics, cortisone, shampoos and creams but with little results. He started using your Herbalix Restoratives Cream Bar, just on his body and then his hair, and then applied the moisturizer. The results were GREAT! The redness and itching disappeared. If he has a little stiffness he uses your Aches and Pains Smart Salve, he likes how easy it is to apply and it doesn’t have that strong menthol smell. I am a Chef, and being in the kitchen with the constant heat, steam and chemicals really cause a lot of skin and hair problems. For sanitation reasons in a kitchen you must keep your hair up, in a net and under a hat at all times. This does not prevent your hair from absorbing the smells, sweat, and grease, so you end up washing your hair quite often. You also wash and sanitize your hands constantly. So I end up with dry skin and hair. I started using the Herbalix Restorative soap on my body and hair and then the moisturizer. It has taken care of my dry skin and hair problem. I also started using your Hair Replenisher and it is WONDERFUL. It moisturizes, shines, and protects and I no longer have to use mousse and hair sprays. I color my hair and discovered since using your products that the color doesn’t get stripped out of my hair. I also use your Natural Deodorant. It keeps working even in the hottest kitchen.