Partners and Resources

Partners and Resources


Under the leadership of Yamuna Zake, a master teacher of body sustainability, Yamuna has grown into a global brand with a network of over 450 certified practitioners and the attendance of over 2,000 holistic practitioners in Yamuna branded teacher training and workshops worldwide. The company is a leading source of education for teachers, therapists, and fitness instructors interested in expanding their knowledge in BodySustainability which can enhance their core expertise.Visit Site

Rene DuFault – Unsafe at Any Meal

Rene DuFault is widely known for blowing the whistle on the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) when the agency attempted to block publication of her findings of inorganic mercury in high fructose corn syrup. She is recognized as a biomedical expert in the areas of inorganic mercury and fructose toxicology, nutrition, autism, ADHD, epigenetics, and environmental hazard assessment. Her articles published in peer reviewed medical journals continue to be widely accessed and cited by other scientists. Visit Site

The Healing Atelier

“The Healing Atelier is a unique concierge health consultancy serving both individual clients and healthcare practitioners. Dr. Elize St. Charles, Ph.D., focuses on root causes and alternative therapeutics. She brings a lifetime of education and research specializing in the most challenging medical conditions and applies the best of modern and ancient technologies from around the world to achieve exceptional results.” Visit Site

Transformational Medicine Australia

Transformation Medicine Australia is a Holistic Medical and Natural Therapies Centre that follow the Hippocrates oath of “First do no Harm” and assist our people regain their health and transform whatever level of dis-ease or stuckness they find themselves in. Visit Site

Best Answer For Cancer

Best Answer for Cancer Foundation’s mission is to improve the quality of life and treatment of cancer patients with a holistic platform, targeted cancer therapies, and a patient-centered approach. Best Answer for Cancer Foundation (BACF) believes the best standard of cancer care is one that provides the best quality of life during treatment and the best outlook for a long, vital life. Visit Site

IPT For Cancer

Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) is a time-proven and powerful approach to treating cancer since 1946. In short, IPT targets the powerful cell-killing effects of standard chemotherapy on cancer cells, and negates their destructive side effects on healthy tissues. Visit Site