My husband Mike has suffered from psoriasis for many years and has not been able to find any products to help him get relief and control his condition. He reacts to everything that we buy. No matter what we try, the result is red, burning, flaking, itchy skin.

He has tried both prescription medications and over the counter creams and lotions. A friend who uses your products recently gave me some of your Herbalix Restorative Soap and Moisturizer for him to try. The first time he used the products there was an immediate and noticeable improvement. A couple of days later he used some other company’s products I had left in the bathroom. When he came downstairs you could see that his face was an inflamed red mess and he was complaining of burning and itching, as before. I asked him if he had washed with the Herbalix Restorative products and he said no. So he went back upstairs, and he washed off the other company’s products and applied the Herbalix Restorative products. There was immediate relief. I have removed all other products from the bathroom, in order to avoid a repeat of this disastrous mistake. He said, “I hope you remember where you got this stuff, I don’t want to use anything else”. My husband’s job requires him to conduct meetings, and at times he has felt embarrassment caused by his psoriasis. Thank you so much for making these wonderful natural products. You have changed his life. You can only image how it feels to suffer from a skin disorder and how wonderful it is to finally get relief. Please feel free to use this testimonial in hopes you can reach others that may suffer from this or similar disorders