When was the last time you had a GREAT night’s sleep? One where you fell asleep quickly, and didn’t wake up at 3 AM, then woke up feeling refreshed and ready to meet the day… even before that cup of coffee!

For most of us, that delicious night’s sleep is a distant memory. And not only is lack of sleep impacting our energy levels, it’s impacting our health.

Studies show that poor sleep is connected with a weakened immune system, diabetes, weight gain, depression, anxiety, cognitive decline, heart disease/ stroke, and an increase level of pain.

Fortunately, you don’t have to turn to traditional medication, which often leaves us feeling groggy and unfulfilled.

Instead, attend the free “Sleep Summit” on July 28 to hear from experts in the fields of functional and natural medicine … on how to get a good night’s sleep, naturally. Listen to Founding Partner and Vice President Mike Fessler from Herbalix (https://www.Herbalix.com) who plans to discuss heavy metal detoxification and its effect on our health. While other speakers will be address topics such as mental health, EFT Tapping, deuterium depletion and nitric oxide.

You will learn practical tools, natural health solutions and uplifting perspectives on topics as diverse as:
• Highly effective habits of good sleepers.
• What to eat for a better night’s sleep, and when to eat it!
• What might be underlying your inability to sleep, that you would have never guessed?
• Why your WiFi, cell phone, and other electronics might be taking a toll on your ability to sleep.
• What do your hormones have to do with your inability to sleep?
• And much more!
Register for this FREE online event here (@ https://sleepsummit.online/mf ) and TAKE BACK THE NIGHT:

See you in the Summit!