20 Minute Session with Detox and Lymphatic Cleansing Coach

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20 Minute Session with Detox and Lymphatic Cleansing Coach


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Directions, Suggestions and Protocol Instructions for Application of Topical Skin Purging Products!

  1. Review overall wellness and personal status to determine toxic overload
  2. Pinpoint areas of concern and urgency
  3. Dissect various levels of influence
    • Dietary sources which may be contributors
    • Lifestyle – high risk occupations, stress levels, medications, personal product preferences
    • Ethnicity – gene influences – where are your ancestors from, where does your family live today
  4. Identify patterns where stagnation exist and possible contributors
  5. Lymphatic System – discuss difference between movement and drainage and the benefits of topical skin purging (chelation) therapy
  6. Purging Plan – target areas of body – key to achieving overall health and wellness (energy, efficiency, elimination)
  7. Develop personal protocol for product use and application – Create diary and self treat program.


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