Oligoscan Spectrophotometer – Measuring Heavy Metals through the Skin!

Herbalix Restoratives was approached by the OligoScan company, manufacturers of a hand held spectrophotometry device which “tests instantly the bioavailability of heavy metals, minerals and trace elements” thru the skin.  They were interested in Herbalix because we use the skin to effectively reduce accumulated toxic metals and because we recognize the non dominant side of the body is weaker and is where a larger amount of toxins collect, thus measuring the non dominant side yields a more accurate level of metal intoxication.

Doctors currently using the OligoScan report 90% of their patients register highest in aluminum.  In addition, 80% of their patients show excess heavy metals.  These metals reduce the effectiveness of medical treatments up to 60%.  It is therefore less probable that the anti-oxidants and mineral supplements can do their job properly if the body is stricken with heavy metals.

Epithelial cells show the global reserves of the organism and the degree of heavy metal intoxication.  It is in these tissue cells that any excesses can be detected months before the blood levels become abnormal. It is this imbalance which leads to numerous and severe metabolic disorder. Toxic heavy metals such as aluminum, arsenic, cadmium, nickel, mercury, lead, etc., cannot be detected by a blood test as they do not circulate in the blood.

The OligoScan generates an interpretative report of minerals correlations.  The doctors are finding that their patients do better when they are able to get rid of the excess heavy metals.  By using Herbalix topical skin purging therapy products, these improvements could be greatly increased.

Herbalix is now a distributor for the Oliogscan and can provide additional detailed information on the reports generated which include mineral interpretation and ratios, heavy metal intoxication, ability to excrete heavy metals, oxidative stress, and overall physiology of the body.

For more information,, please feel free to contact us at any time at info@herbalix.com or 866-387-4222

– Michael and Elizabeth Fessler