Management Team


  • Michael Fessler

    Founding Partner and Vice President
      Michael has an extensive background in science and engineering with a focus on creating healthy manufacturing and work areas. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Long Beach State University. While studying at San Diego State University, he participated in a marine study of sea urchins as a […]
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    • Elizabeth Fessler

      Founding Partner and President
        Elizabeth earned a Bachelor of Science in Marketing Degree followed by an MBA in Materials Management. She worked for over thirty years in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Her experience includes Purchasing, Planning & Distribution, Inventory Control and Customer Service. She managed small plant purchasing operations and product donations programs, […]
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      • Dr. Steve Haltiwanger

        Chief Scientific Advisor
          Award-winning psychiatrist, neurologist and Certified Clinical Nutritionist Dr. Steven Haltiwanger is recognized worldwide as an expert on the brain and on many different kinds of electromedicine modalities, including homeopathy and light. For over a decade, Dr. Haltiwanger had a private practice in orthomolecular neurology and psychiatry, environmental medicine, and nutrition. […]
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        • Dr. Paula Strait

          Medical Director
            Dr. Paula Strait, D.O., board certified in family medicine with advanced training and experience in integrative functional medicine, is the medical director for Herbalix Restoratives. Straight is dedicated to applying the osteopathic understanding of thinking fingers (palpation) to diagnosis and treatment. Based on the principles of the unity of the […]
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          Advisory Counsel

          • Dr. Mitra Ray

            Special Consultant
              Dr. Mitra Ray is fiercely committed to being a trusted guide for those who love life, those who want to be healthy, fit, gorgeous and dance ’til the end. Dr. Ray is a woman on a mission. She is fiercely committed to being a trusted guide for those who love […]
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            • Christopher Exley, PhD

              Special Consultant
                Christopher Exley, PhD is one of the foremost authorities on aluminum and the myriad ways that it impacts life on earth. Currently he is a Reader in Bioinorganic Chemistry, The Birchall Centre, and Lenard-Jones Laboratories at Keele University in Staffordshire, England. More.
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              • Stephan Zeeman, PhD

                Special Consultant
                  Stephan serves as a Full Professor in the Department of Life Sciences at the University of New England, where he has been teaching since 1987. His course studies include: Oceanography, Physical Geology, Ecology and Plants of New England. Prior to his tenured position at the University of New England, he […]
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                • Dr. Gilles Mercier, MD

                  Special Consultant
                    Dr. Gilles Mercier graduated from Laval University in Quebec in 1967, obtaining his certification in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology. He became Chief Resident of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Lakeshore General Hospital and Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal in 1970. He served on the Board of Directors of the […]
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                  Our Very Humble Beginnings

                  • Judith Pillsbury

                    1941-2007, Creator of the Original Herbalix Tincture
                      Judith was the creator of the original Herbalix tincture and was also a member of the Herbalix Restoratives advisory council. Judith had been involved in the healing arts for over twenty- five years prior to her death. She was trained as a psycho-educational therapist at the Bank Street College of […]
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                    • David Bruce Maline, MD

                      1935-2002, Founder
                        Dr. David Maline, MD was a retired neurosurgeon who graduated from Dartmouth College and Boston University Medical School, then continued in private practice in Southern California specializing in spinal and intra cranial surgery until his retirement in 1998. Due to health challenges, he developed an interest in the relationship between […]
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