“So far I have tried the moisturizer, both the stick and the cream in the beautiful blue jar. The moisturizer feels like velvet on my skin as I rub it in. Its scent is so subtle, natural, and light.

For those of us who have difficulties with scents and who are sensitive to many ingredients, thank you from the bottom of my heart for making available products which have been so carefully researched. All your hard work pays off when someone like me is able to put your products on my skin, without apprehension, and feel pretty again.”
S.V., Maryland

“I have been fighting the deodorant battle for a while now, having developed a rather large collection of “natural” deodorants that irritate my skin and do nothing to help with smell. I am also forever searching for personal care products without all of the funky chemicals. Finding these products is often easier said than done! After using the Herbalix Detox and the Tropical Cove deodorants for only a few days, I can already tell a huge difference!

I know this is not an advertised use for your soaps, but I wanted to let you know anyhow: A few days ago, I got a new tattoo. It is the largest one I have ever had, and it is important to me to take good care of this symbolic artwork. No matter how talented a tattoo artist is, his work can be ruined by poor aftercare. This knowledge combined with my sensitive skin has led me to be very selective about the soaps that I will use. I started using the coriander kelp soap the day that I got my new tattoo, and it is making the healing process SO much easier. This soap does not dry out my skin, and it rinses away easily. It smells great, and it helps to make my skin more comfortable while it is healing.

A final note about the clary sage shampoo: I love it, too! I have straight, oily hair that tends to feel heavy and gross when I use commercial products. Your shampoo cleans my hair without stripping it. It looks really healthy and still feels clean at the end of the day.

You have another faithful customer in me. Thank you for what you do!”
Kristi K., Bryant, Arkansas

“I was diagnosed with Severe Herpes Zoster (Shingles) on my face and scalp. My scalp is still covered with the Zoster rash. It burns, itches, and stings. I’ve tried dandruff shampoos which irritated my scalp severely. With Herbalix Rosemary Shampoo Bar, my scalp is better with less itching, and far less burning and stinging. Herbalix bar soap is making it more bearable.” – J.Darnell, Arizona

“My sixteen year old son put the Herbalix Corainder Kelp bar box out and told me he really likes this soap and can I get him some more. He has never been interested in anything that
would wash any part of his body!!!” – HS, Sherman Oaks, CA.

I am 15 years old and I spend a lot of my time campaigning tirelessly for animals. Therefore I was delighted to discover that you do not conduct or fund tests on animals. I think this is brilliant and sets a great example for similar companies who should be doing the same. – Danielle Jane H., Enfield, North London

From the first time I spoke with Elizabeth Fessler, I knew I could feel comfortable recommending Herbalix products. I was impressed with the company’s commitment to making sure that the ingredients in their products were pure, safe and of the highest quality. – Dr. C. Farlow, Escondido, CA

We are often given samples of our customers’ products, but I must say that yours stand out way above the rest. In particular, your soap bars are the best soap products I have ever used. The unique ingredients you have developed make for an incredible smelling soap that feels so good against my skin. I wouldn’t leave home without it. – Mitch, CA

I have an autistic son who has very sensitive skin and using soap on his skin was extremely difficult o him. I use your soap now and it is the only soap that he lets me put next to his skin. – Tanya R., WA.

Thank you so much for your nighttime Detox Deodorant. It has been the only deodorant to help my chronic armpit odor problems. I greatly appreciate the quality product that you offer. – Melinda S. Stone Lake, WI.

My 10-year-old son, Joel has sensitive skin. He will not use any type of soap because doctors told him he is allergic, and he says that soap makes him itch. After trying your Cream Bar, he now looks forward to washing with soap and asks for the soap by name. – Paul H., WA.

Awesome Product Line! Say good bye to dry skin. I no longer have the winter skin itch, raw and dry skin. I have seen customers use the moisturizer bar on bad skin and come back two months later in astonishment at their skin. I highly recommend this product. Shy, WA.

I wanted to take a minute to address you about how wonderful your Stick Body Moisturizer is. I am a college student in Colorado and let me tell you, with the dry heat out here I am extremely relieved to have finally found a product that no only moisturizes, but also leaves me feeling full of energy and my mind clear to learn. My beautiful parents send me your products. I encourage the positive image you are giving and helping women about their bodies. I am very proud to wear and support your products, which don’t rely on negative advertising. Keep up the great work. – Sarah H. K., CO

I have tried and tested many different underarm deodorants over the years. Herbalix Restorative’s Tropical Cove is the only product that successfully works for me. It doesn’t leave discoloration on your clothing, you feel clean and fresh and it lasts 24 hours plus. Recently, I gave Herbalix Restorative’s Tropical Cove the real sports athletic test, while skiing. Even with too many layers of clothing on and it worked. – Ann H., WA.

I use your Tropical Cove Deodorant, not only does it works, better than any other “so called natural” deodorant, but people are always telling me how great I smell. And I tell them it is my deodorant. I also use your moisturizer. While on a trip to Mexico, I met a woman that asked me what I was putting on my legs. She wanted to try the moisturizer and loved it. She especially liked the applicator, so practical and so easy. – Pam T., Victoria, Canada.

I use your deodorant and love it. I love it. Everybody tells me how great I smell. I can’t wait till I am able to get it at my favorite store in LA. – Mo F., CA.

I use your Deodorant. I really do think that you are on to something. It is the best. – Claire W., OR.

My husband, Jim has a bad knee and uses your Aches & Pains Smart Salve for the inflammation and pain. It is effective. He most recently used it when he pulled a muscle while lifting something heavy. He applied the crème which, helped in prevented swelling or pain from occurring.- Elaine R., WA.

Ahhh, what wonderful service and wonderful products – Phil P., WA.

The world is a better place with your integrity on the making of your products. Jeanne S., WA.

I am very fond of the wonderful products that you make. I especially like the soap and the moisturizer. I have really dry skin and this works great – Virginia B., WA.

It was wonderful meeting you and being able to obtain more of your fabulous products. All I needed was a loudspeaker. I wanted to shout to everyone about the quality of your extraordinary product offerings. It was a joy to meet you and an honor to share with others regarding your line. I am and will continue to be a faithful customer. Best to you all and my wish is that everyone hears about your products. They are too good and people need to know about them. Fara G., WA.

My husband has a problem with very dry skin and itchy red scalp. He has seen a Dermatologist for this condition and has been treated with antibiotics, cortisone, shampoos and creams but with little results. He started using your Herbalix Restoratives Cream Bar, just on his body and then his hair, and then applied the moisturizer. The results were GREAT! The redness and itching disappeared. If he has a little stiffness he uses your Aches and Pains Smart Salve, he likes how easy it is to apply and it doesn’t have that strong menthol smell. I am a Chef, and being in the kitchen with the constant heat, steam and chemicals really cause a lot of skin and hair problems. For sanitation reasons in a kitchen you must keep your hair up, in a net and under a hat at all times. This does not prevent your hair from absorbing the smells, sweat, and grease, so you end up washing your hair quite often. You also wash and sanitize your hands constantly. So I end up with dry skin and hair. I started using the Herbalix Restorative soap on my body and hair and then the moisturizer. It has taken care of my dry skin and hair problem. I also started using your Hair Replenisher and it is WONDERFUL. It moisturizes, shines, and protects and I no longer have to use mousse and hair sprays. I color my hair and discovered since using your products that the color doesn’t get stripped out of my hair. I also use your Natural Deodorant. It keeps working even in the hottest kitchen. – Linda & Ellis H., VA

My husband Mike has suffered from psoriasis for many years and has not been able to find any products to help him get relief and control his condition. He reacts to everything that we buy. No matter what we try, the result is red, burning, flaking, itchy skin. He has tried both prescription medications and over the counter creams and lotions. A friend who uses your products recently gave me some of your Herbalix Restorative Soap and Moisturizer for him to try. The first time he used the products there was an immediate and noticeable improvement. A couple of days later he used some other company’s products I had left in the bathroom. When he came downstairs you could see that his face was an inflamed red mess and he was complaining of burning and itching, as before. I asked him if he had washed with the Herbalix Restorative products and he said no. So he went back upstairs, and he washed off the other company’s products and applied the Herbalix Restorative products. There was immediate relief. I have removed all other products from the bathroom, in order to avoid a repeat of this disastrous mistake. He said, “I hope you remember where you got this stuff, I don’t want to use anything else”. My husband’s job requires him to conduct meetings, and at times he has felt embarrassment caused by his psoriasis. Thank you so much for making these wonderful natural products. You have changed his life. You can only image how it feels to suffer from a skin disorder and how wonderful it is to finally get relief. Please feel free to use this testimonial in hopes you can reach others that may suffer from this or similar disorders. – Carolyn and Michael N., VA

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