Award-winning psychiatrist, neurologist and Certified Clinical Nutritionist Dr. Steven Haltiwanger is recognized worldwide as an expert on the brain and on many different kinds of electromedicine modalities, including homeopathy and light. For over a decade, Dr. Haltiwanger had a private practice in orthomolecular neurology and psychiatry, environmental medicine, and nutrition. He has also been staff psychiatrist and medical director at many medical centers and universities. A gifted clinician and researcher, an experienced radio and television interviewee, and the author of dozens of articles, Dr. Haltiwanger speaks at conferences about treating aging brains, addictions, pain, memory impairment, neurological disorders, behavioral problems, and hormonal imbalances with electromedicine and nutrition. Currently, as Health and Science Director of Lifewave, Dr. Haltiwanger is responsible for coordinating research studies and writing scientific papers.