Parabens Research

Aluminum and Medicine 2008
Aluminum In Breast Tissue: A Possible Factor In The Cause Of Breast Cancer 9/2/07
Five Types of Parabens Detected Intact in Human Breast Tumors
The Ribbon BCEFR Volume 9 Number 1
9 Winter 2004
Ethyl-Methyl-Butyl-Propyl Parabens 4
Cosmetic Companies and Breast Cancer 4 3/29/04
Resources – Avoiding Parabens 5
Parabens in deodorants and antiperspirants linked to breast cancer 7 5/13/04
Prenatal Cosmetics & Personal Care
The Doctors’ Prescription for Healthy Living Vol 5, #3 2
Paraben Preservatives-Danger to Newborns
The Doctors’ Prescription for Healthy Living Vol 7, #10 2
Cosmetic Chemicals found in breast tumors 3 5/13/04
Antiperspirant Chemical Found in Breast Tumors 4 1/12/04
Breast Cancer and Deodorants 2 1/17/04

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