Nighttime Cleansing Detox Deodorant
Axilla Treatment

An effective nighttime deodorant to help cleanse and purge toxic metals and impurities accumulated under your arms.

Upright Stick for Men
Testicle Treatment

Natural organic ingredients to help cleanse away the impotent effects of aluminum. Safe, simple, convenient, effective and natural.

Sentinel Breast Crème
Breast Treatment

An effective, topical detox crème with the ability to absorb metal salts in the skin and breast tissue to free the impacted lymph nodes and micro vessels from buildup and blockage.

Belly Fat Freedom
Liver Treatment

Getting rid of the heavy burden and toxic load that has weighed down our liver allows us to breath, laugh, run, get down and up from the floor.

Herbalix products promote natural cleansing and nourish the rejuvenative process of the skin.

From creams to dirty air and environmental toxins, what is absorbed through the skin is transported throughout the body. Our mission is to provide organic and natural alternatives to synthetic chemical and environmental irritants, because we believe that the skin is a gateway to well-being.

The skin is the largest organ of the body; it is non-filtering and provides many layers of protection. Skin also responds to changes such as temperature, hormones, diet and stress. Herbalix products are designed to support these functions with clean, natural and organic ingredients that cleanse and revitalize, while feeding the skin and hair vital nutrients.  Herbalix uses certified and wild crafted ingredients whenever possible including: medicinal grade essential oils with no refined, bleached, deodorized (RBD) oils; herbs, flowers and minerals.

  • ZzzTox Nighttime Detox Cream


    Benefits Helps maintain healthy skin Helps maintain proper moisture to skin Gently detoxes with cleansing ingredients Helps counterbalance accumulated environmental impurities Helps balance sunlight deprivation Use Apply sparingly at nighttime before bed For neck, chest, back, legs, feet, stomach Wear comfortable apparel to absorb any residual Wash in morning before […]

  • Whole Nubian Goat Milk Liquid Hand Soap – 8oz

    You will not believe it is soap! Vitamin-rich whole Nubian goat’s milk soap helps keep skin soft. It is so delicate and light, you may just mistake it for lotion. A favorite among health care providers and for people that need to wash their hands frequently.  Made with essential oils […]

  • Smart Salve™ – Aches and Pains


    Aches and Pains Smart Salve™ moisturizing stick was specifically formulated to help with muscle fatigue and soreness from over used muscles. We discovered however, it has many other uses. From sunburn skin to insect bites, Smart Salve™ provides relief safely, gently and effectively without any side effects. Wonderful for sore joints […]

  • Sentinel Breast Creme


    Directions Sentinel Breast Creme should always be used in conjunction with the Nighttime Cleansing Detox Deodorant. Pretreatment with Detox Deodorant is strongly encouraged for a minimum of 7 days prior to beginning the Sentinel Breast Creme. At bedtime apply enough Sentinel Breast Creme to cover the breast area. Use your […]

  • Respiratory Freedom Relief Salve

    Respiratory Freedom™ Relief Salve: A natural moisturizing pain salve stick,  used to relieve symptoms of sinus pressure, nasal and chest congestion due to everyday environmental allergens like synthetic fragrances, dust and pollen. Also helps relieve symptoms from the common cold including post nasal drip, cough and neck stiffness. Convenient packaging makes […]

  • Organic Whole Nubian Goat Milk Cream Bar Soap 4 oz

    Fresh Goat’s Milk Cream Bar Soap Designed for total skin care. Herbalix Restoratives Cream Bar Soaps are based on farm-fresh Whole Nubian Goat Milk, the treatment that is best for troublesome skin conditions. You won’t find a better bar soap than this one! Designed for total skin care – including […]

  • Nighttime Cleansing Detox Deodorant


    If you have been using a commercial deodorant or antiperspirant, check the label to see if it contains any type of aluminum, alum, petroleum or propylene glycol, any of which can lead to the buildup of chemicals under your arms. This can result in irritation, hygiene problems, or worse. Herbalix […]

  • Natural Organic Cleansing Shampoo (8oz)

    Rich in conditioning oils, these shampoos do not strip the scalp or hair follicles. Gently cleans hair while restoring proper pH. Rinses clean. Highly concentrated – apply a small amount to wet hair for best results. Gently cleanses without harsh detergents. Leaves clean, soft and shiny. Removes build-up left by […]

  • Belly Stripper Topical Cream 4 oz. Jar

    Belly Stripper® uses a combination of key organic botanical ingredients that have been shown in market tests to improve appearance of the belly and body by reducing belly flab. It’s like dimensional travel -you can simply go back in size!

  • Belly Fat Freedom


    Instructions for Use Apply at nightime before bed. Place a small amount in hands, rub together to smooth out and soften. Apply to upper and/or lower abdominal regions. Wear comfortable apparel to absorb any residual and for added heat. Drink water before bedtime. Wash in morning before dressing. Benefits Promotes […]

Oligoscan Spectrophotometer

Measuring Heavy Metals through the Skin!

Herbalix is now a distributor of the Oligoscan

Herbalix Restoratives was approached by the OligoScan company, manufacturers of a hand held spectrophotometry device which “tests instantly the bioavailability of heavy metals, minerals and trace elements” thru the skin. They were interested in Herbalix because we use the skin to effectively reduce accumulated toxic metals and because we recognize the non dominant side of the body is weaker and is where a larger amount of toxins collect, thus measuring the non dominant side yields a more accurate level of metal intoxication.

Learn More About Oligoscan

Supreme Solution Body Moisturizers

Organic and natural intensive body moisturizers and oils from Herbalix.


Natural and organic vital nutrients cleanse and rejuvenate through the skin, without any chemical or environmental irritants.


– Ingredients that promote the natural cleansing process

– Organic ingredients and medicinal grade essential oils

– Non- refined, bleached, or deodorized oils

– Free of synthetic chemicals and petroleum


– Herbalix Botantical and Sea Vegetable Blend works as a natural preservative

– Never tested on animals

-Healthy skin acts as a protection from environmental factors

– Environmentally conscious manufacturing


– Feed the skin and hair vital nutrients

– Formulas that work while you live your busy lifestyle

– Effective on all ethnic skin types

-Ingredients that restore the skin’s natural integrity

Upcoming Events

  • ”Neurodegeneration: The Impact of Environmental Insult.”
    All day

    Herbalix/Oligoscan to exhibit at the International College of Integrative Medicine – ICIM – Oct 4-8, 2017 JW Marriott, Grand Rapids, MI:

    Topics to be covered include Dementia, Parkinson’s, MS, ALS, Autism, and Alzheimer’s.

    Herbalix will be offering heavy metal and mineral scanning – using the Oligoscan Spectrophotometer which measures intracellular levels. This procedure only requires knowledge of a person’s blood type. The test takes seconds to perform, reports on 20 minerals, including 4 key ratios such as sodium/potassium, 14 heavy metals, oxidative stress levels, predisposition to diabetes, acidosis, 10 physiologies of the body, and whether subjects are successful at methylation. They will also display their line of skin purging products which includes the Nighttime Cleansing Deodorant, Belly Fat Freedom, Sentinel Breast Crème, Upright Stick for Men and ZzzTox Topical Cream.