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Tango Roseline Foot and Body Salve

This moisturizing stick was specifically formulated to help with muscle fatigue and soreness from over used muscles. We discovered, however, it has many other

Tango Roseline Deodorant

Take a break from harsh chemicals! Tango Roseline™ lets you enjoy all-day natural protection. Our natural deodorant comes in a handy roll-up stick that

Tango Roseline Stick Moisturizer

A clean, mild, natural aroma that comes from our base oils. We've added a hint of natural rose and rosewood essential oil along with

Tango Roseline Candle

Exciting-invigorating-stimulatingMade with 100% pure soy wax, cotton wicks which eliminates smoking. Approximately 20 hour burn time. Convenient container is ideal for travel.Ingredients: Rose Essential

Upright Stick for Men

UPRIGHT Stick for Men - Get in the Game  We are living in “the era of aluminum overuse” where every day our bodies are

20 Minute Session with Detox and Lymphatic Cleansing Coach

Directions, Suggestions and Protocol Instructions for Application of Topical Skin Purging Products! Review overall wellness and personal status to determine toxic overload Pinpoint areas

Belly Fat Freedom

Instructions for Use Apply at nightime before bed. Place a small amount in hands, rub together to smooth out and soften. Apply to upper

Sentinel Breast Cream

Directions Sentinel Breast Creme should always be used in conjunction with the Nighttime Cleansing Detox Deodorant. Pretreatment with Detox Deodorant is strongly encouraged for