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Herbalix Attends World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine & Exhibition Conference to Demonstrate Organic Topical Chelation Products and the Oligoscan

December 8th, 2016

If you are attending the World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine & Exhibition in Las Vegas this weekend (Dec. 9-11), be sure to stop by the TRR Enterprises booth #5047  to see our line of skin purging products and the Women’s 80 Night Lymph Detox Program.

What’s more, those who attend the conference can participate in demonstrations of the Oligoscan which is able to detect the bioavailability of trace elements and heavy metal intoxication. This scientific device can be used to measure the impact of using Herbalix chelation products.

Herbalix is a provider of organic topical chelation products which encourage lymphatic movement. Our detox products are formulated to absorb accumulated salts and heavy metals via the skin.

Belly Fat Freedom® - channels visceral fat from obstruent hepatic pathways.

Nighttime Cleansing Detox Deodorant® - purges stored impurities via the axilla.

Sentinel Breast Creme™ - osmotically transfers stored toxic metal salt buildup countering vasoconstriction.

Upright Creme for Men™ – targets aluminum toxicity and cleans the reproductive channels, improving overall performance.

Detox Cleansing Deodorant™ – is an aluminum-free deodorant.

For more information, please call Liz Fessler at 360-301-9002 or email