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Travelers Can Be 99% Germ Free with Herbalix Organic Soaps on Germ-ridden Airplanes

May 23rd, 2014

Recent research published by Auburn University confirmed that the surfaces inside an airplane can serve as hosts to many germs for as long as eight days. Meanwhile, Herbalix conducted research on its triclosan-free, organic skin care bar and liquid cleansing products–such as the Fresh Goat’s Milk Cream Bar Soap–finding them to be 99.99% effective against germs. (Source: CNBC News)

After sterilizing six surfaces normally found in the cabin of an airplane such as the seats, toilet handles, trays, etc., the researchers intentionally infected the surfaces with several bacteria, one of which was E. coli 0157, which can cause severe diarrheal disease. This resilient bacteria lived for up to 96 hours on the rubber armrest. The study was partially funded by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Researchers found that some of the bacteria survived longer than a week especially the more porous the surfaces, as indicated below:

• 2 days: Steel toilet handle
• 3 days: Plastic tray table
• 3 days: Plastic window shade
• 7 days; Leather seat
• 7 days: Rubber arm rest
• 8 days: Seat pocket

The only remedy is to follow good hygiene, wash hands frequently, or use hand sanitizers. Do not touch your face, and wash hands frequently, as it has been proven that hand washing with soap is the best defense against germs. But many soaps are made with harmful synthetic chemicals and additives, which can strip beneficial oils and irritate the skin.

Goats Milk Soap Travelers Can Be 99% Germ Free with Herbalix Organic Soaps on Germ ridden Airplanes

Herbalix organic Goats Milk Bar Soap – 99% Effective against germs.

Both the Herbalix fresh Goat’s Milk Cream Bar Soap and Botanical Liquid Hand Soap are made from a base of farm-fresh Nubian goat’s milk and contain key vitamins and alpha-hydroxyl acids that naturally help neutralize free radicals through ingredients that help manage troublesome skin conditions. Goat’s milk also has peptides that support natural collagen production. The combination of sustainable plant based botanicals cleans and helps protect skin without drying it our. These soaps contain no synthetic chemicals or petroleum. Recommended by naturopaths and dermatologists, Herbalix organic soaps are free of parabens, sodium laurel/laureth sulfates, silicones, and are naturally biodegradable, phosphate free, and formulated without nanotechnology.

Herbalix Restoratives Botanical Liquid Hand Soap is made with whole Nubian goat’s milk. Herbalix liquid hand and bar soaps are available in two signature scents including Clary Sage and Tropical Cove, or No Added Fragrance for those who have olfactory sensitivities. The bar soap is also available in a Coriander Kelp Scrub Bar and one more scent – Ceremonial Sage.

Herbalix customer Linda Hatcher wrote in about her husband who had a problem with a very dry, itchy red scalp. He had seen a dermatologist for this condition and was treated with medicines including antibiotics, cortisone, and a number of medicated shampoos and creams, but the results were poor. Hatcher said, “He started using your Herbalix Restoratives Goat’s Milk Cream Bar soap, just on his body and then applied the Herbalix No Added Fragrance cream moisturizer to his scalp. The results were great. The redness and itching disappeared.”

The Herbalix organic Nubian goats milk soap also includes saponified oils of coconut, olive, safflower, palm, rice bran, avocado oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, whole Nubian goat’s milk, filtered water, beeswax, and essential oils of coriander seed,*blood orange, *ginger *geranium,*lemon, *cinnamon bark, rosewood, *grapefruit, Himalayan cedarwood, *lavender, *rosemary essential oil, colloidal silver, sandalwood (sustainable), and the Herbalix™ Organic Preservative. (* Organic ingredients.)

Herbalix also uses environmentally safe packaging which is ingredient-protective. The BPA-free leach-free packaging ensures that the products remain free of phthalates and other second-hand synthetic chemicals. Herbalix boxes are fully recyclable as well.

Today there are more health conscious, savvy consumers. According to the TechNavio report, the Natural and Organic Personal Care Market in the US 2012-2016, this segment in the US will grow at a CAGR of 10.12 percent from 2012 to 2016.

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Can I Use Herbalix Restoratives Organic Skin Care Products on My Baby?

December 5th, 2013

BBy Can I Use Herbalix Restoratives Organic Skin Care Products on My Baby?

Herbalix organic skin care products are safe for babies and their delicate skin.

Many customers ask Herbalix if they can use the organic skin care products on their baby’s delicate skin. As we all know infants are irritated easily with skin conditions like cradle cap, or diaper rash. But, most of the time, rashes are not harmful plus they usually go away. The answer to the question about using Herbalix products on a baby’s skin is probably yes, but test it first.

Most babies are prone to skin irritations especially during the first few months after they are born. This can be caused by a diaper rash due to wet diapers that have been left on too long, or from an irritating brand of detergent. Some babies are even allergic to baby wipes. Make sure to keep the diaper area dry and open to the air, and change diapers often, and wash baby’s skin with a warm cloth.

Herbalix goat’s milk soaps are gentle and mild. Use a small amount and try it!
Triclosan Free, when you use Herbalix soaps even a baby’s skin will be free from harmful synthetic chemicals. They are made with a combination of sustainable plant based botanicals that clean and protect delicate skin. No Added Fragrance might be a good choice for baby.

Did you know that there is such a thing as baby “acne”? It is nothing like the kind of acne that teenagers or adults get, and in fact research has found that it may be related to yeast rather than oil production. Pimples on a baby’s cheeks usually clear up by themselves fast so you do not need to treat baby acne.

There is another problem for many babies – eczema – which is a red itchy rash that often occurs in response to a trigger. It can become dry, thick, and even scaly. You may also see eczema on the elbows, arms, chest, and even around baby’s knees.

Mom’s Love Herbalix Goats Milk Soap for Kids with Sensitive Skin

October 30th, 2013

Moms are always on the lookout for products to help children with dry, allergy-prone skin. In fact, did you know that when the skin that is injured, it allows germs to penetrate the top layer of skin. And kids are prone to injuries. But, a natural, organic goat’s milk soap fortified with vitamins will help strengthen the skin.

Herbalix has been getting letters lately from Moms who said that dry skin was a big problem until they started searching for organic products. Thanks to Herbalix, many have started bathing their babies with the best goat’s milk soaps and then following it up by using a good organic moisturizer. In many cases babies with eczema were clear in a few days after they were bathed in triclosan-free goat’s milk soap. The product’s combination of sustainable. Its plant based botanicals cleans, moisturizes and protects skin without drying it out.

One Herbalix customer, Paul from Washington said, “My 10-year-old son, Joel has sensitive skin. He will not use any type of soap because doctors told him he is allergic, and he says that soap makes him itch. After trying your Cream Bar, he now looks forward to washing with soap and asks for the soap by name.”

A very natural soap that is very rich in nutrients, Herbalix’s goat’s milk soap is made by hand. See all the scientific benefits of the Nubian goat’s milk used in Herbalix products in this video – and meet two of the goats where the milk comes from – SugarPie and Summer!


Goats Milk Soap1 Moms Love Herbalix Goats Milk Soap for Kids with Sensitive Skin

Herbalix Goat’s Milk Soaps come in a variety of wonderful scents.

people dry skin have discovered that goat’s milk soap is beneficial. One of the differences between handmade goat’s milk soap and other commercial soaps is the absence of harsh chemicals.

A little known fact is that goat’s milk soap has an ingredient called capric-caprylic triglyceride. Of course there are top companies making best goat’s milk bar soap and liquid goat’s milk soaps include Herbalix Restoratives. (

Mom’s that use Herbalix goat’s milk soap on their children have discovered that their skin is soft, supple and relieved of any rashes caused by harsh chemicals.

Organic Skin Care and Adult Acne

April 22nd, 2013

You wake up and take a look in the mirror and see acne forming. What are you going to do? Here’s a plan that you can take to the bank to combat acne before it spreads. But first let us get comfortable and review how our acne may have erupted. Just like a volcano forms from excess lava, our bodies are constantly ridding excess toxins or cellular waste.

The skin is an organ and when eruptions occur, especially around the face, we need to take several preventative measures. Herbalix has connected several easy factors that may explain the reasons why.

First, if you have animals, then you we need to wash your hands after petting them. That’s simple enough to follow, but washing with an organic goats milk soap or liquid hand soaps is paramount as they are designed to clean foreign bacteria away. Also Herbalix bar soaps and liquid hand soaps contain a certain saponified Nubian goats milk and Herbalix bacteria (ingredients) absorbing agents to help protect your skins immune matrix. You can safely use them on your face when you wake up and before sleeping to help regenerate healthy skin layers.

You may be trapping unhealthy skin layers with non-beneficial products that increase bacteria on the skin. Herbalix skin care products are really great at removing make-up, as opposed to adverse astringent and drying chemicals that are on the market that may be leading to breaking down your skins’ immune system.

Dietary issues such as wheat and sugars accelerate can also contribute to acne due to gut inflammation. Did you know an inflamed gut can exhaust thru the lungs and this leads to skin eruptions around the mouth? Additionally, the belly needs attention to ward off excess salts found in breads, pizza and other starches that accumulate in the gut. Stick to more greens and reduce the salts found in processed foods. Herbalix has developed a new product to help cleanse the salt and toxins in the fatty tissues surrounding your organs called Belly Stripper (

Organics is Fastest Growing Personal Care Product Segment

February 4th, 2013

Estimated to top $11 billion by 2016, organic products are the fastest growing part of the personal care market segment, according to market research firm Mintel. This segment is projected to outperform the conventional products very soon, and this big trend also presents many opportunities for manufacturers and retailers in the natural and organic skin care channel. Undeterred by the economic slowdown, research indicates that natural products are becoming more affordable as well.

Experiencing double-digit growth since 2005, the natural personal care market will continue to witness double-digit growth to $6 billion in 2015. Manufacturers’ sales in the natural segment are expected to increase by a CAGR of 11.2% to reach USD $6,624 million in 2015, up from USD $3,891 million in 2010. Skin care had 42.1 percent share in the total PC sales in 2010 with the natural hair care product segment at 12.7 percent market share. (Source: 2011 Kline & Company.)

The U.S. consumer market for natural and organic skincare, hair care and makeup–which during 2005-2010 boomed 61 percent to $7.7 billion — could top $11.0 billion by the year 2016. (Source: Packaged Facts).

Is Anti-bacterial Soap Necessary?

October 10th, 2012

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), anti-bacterial soaps are not necessary. So the craze for using anything antibacterial may be useless. Following is a list of the whys, and what you can do instead.

Components of these kinds of soaps such as triclosan or triclocarbon, need to be left on a surface for about two minutes minimum to do their job. Most people wash it off prior to this time frame. Research shows that almost 75 percent of liquid soaps currently on shelves in U.S. grocery stores display the word “antibacterial” on their labels. So are Americans germ free and cleaner now than ever before? Many experts say no.

The CDC does recommend washing your hands thoroughly with ordinary soap and warm water. This is good news for companies like Herbalix Restoratives, producers of organic skin care and soaps products.

What’s more, many common diseases are viral in nature, and not prevented by antibacterial products. There are also rumors that bacteria may develop a resistance to bactericidal agents over time. Some bacteria is good for us. Bacteria on our bodies not only eats sweat, but also helps defend us against truly harmful, invasive bacteria.

Just simply washing your hands thoroughly with ordinary soap and warm water is one of the most effective ways to ward off infection.

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Fresh Organic Goat’s Milk Soap is Latest Skin Care Trend

October 2nd, 2012

Lately there is much news about farm fresh – everything is the latest trend, from organic vegetables and fruit grown on the farm to using fresh goat’s milk soap. Goat’s milk has been used for natural skin care because of its remarkable healing properties. The Egyptians used to bathe in goat’s milk soap.

There are benefitial alpha-hydroxy acids in goat’s milk soap that actually penetrate the top layers of your skin to exfoliate or slough off the dead skin. This exfoliation helps stimulate your skin to regenerate healthy cells,helps lessen fine wrinkles by feeding the ski. It is able to penetrate skin cell walls in a way other soap can. The pH of goat’s milk is very close to your skin’s own pH. Basically this enables skin to absorb the emollients.

Herbalix Cream Bar Soaps are based in farm-fresh Nubian Goat’s Milk, the treatment that is conditions including acne, eczema, psoriasis, and simply itchy skin. The company also uses a combination of sustainable plant based botanicals that to clean and protect without drying out the skin. Goat’s milk features almost three times more beta-casein than cow’s milk, which means it is easily absorbed into the skin for hydration. A natural emollient, goat’s milk can moisturize the skin as it contains Vitamins A, B6, B12 and E vitamins.

The milk of a goat contains alpha-hydroxy and caprylic acids – which naturally cleanse and help slough off dead skin cells, then moisturize and leave smooth new cells. This natural moisturizer has lipoproteins that absorb easily into our skin to seal in moisture, preventing dry skin, and premature aging. It is the caproic, caprylic, and capric acids in goat milk soap that helps maintain the ideal pH for human skin. Goat’s milk also helps neutralize the acid that is sitting on top of the outermost layer of skin which is designed to fight off harmful viruses or bacteria that lead to infections.

Herbalix Restoratives’ Fresh Goat’s Milk Cream Bar Soap is designed for total skin care but it is terrific for sensitive skin types too. The benefits of the Herbalix Nubian Goat’s Milk Soap are as follows: It is great for troublesome skin conditions; is based in non-drying Nubian Goat’s Milk; can be used on the face; moisturizes as it cleans, and it rinses clean, and leaves no soap residue.

Check in on all the organic Herbalix skin care products via their website at Or call 1.877.387.4222.

The Benefits of Olive Oil in Skin Care Products

June 30th, 2012

Olive oil has been a Mediterranean cosmetic and culinary staple forever. You might have read about it in history books –the ancient Romans used it in their baths to collect dirt and sweat.

Sadly, today we have embraced health and beauty products made from primarily synthetic ingredients. But, olive oil is prized for its lubricating properties for skin and hair because it is brimming with vitamins A and E.  Plus olive oil contains a triterpene called squalene that is highly valuable, which has antioxidant properties and is believed to inhibit UV damage.

Using olive oil based skin care products also help maintain and restore skin’s elasticity, and when used after a bath or shower, can help the skin to retain hydration by inhibiting water loss.  Herbalix Supreme Solution body moisturizers contains high concentrations of not only olive oil, but also skin nourishing emollients including sweet almond oil, avocado oil and rice bran oil (which also contains squalene).

The Herbalix Supreme Solution Intensive Body Moisturizers are quite potent, water-free moisturizers that are formulated for both men and women.  They are free of petroleum products, propylene glycol, parabens and other synthetic ingredients. Herbalix moisturizers deliver a heavy dose of lubrication to parched skin.  They are available in either fragrance-free versions or suffused with fresh and invigorating essential oils including clary sage essential oil, grapefruit essential oil, blood orange essential oil and cinnamon bark essential oil, among others.

Supreme Solution moisturizers are very intense, unlike most commercial lotions. In order to receive the full benefit, one must massage the lotion deeply and thoroughly to allow the nourishing oils to penetrate fully.  Once fully absorbed, Herbalix Supreme Solution Body Lotion will provide continuous skin softening properties for hours on end.

It’s important for your skin to look as radiant as possible.  Before heading out to the beach or any sun-intensive summer destination, try treating your skin to a natural, soothing and luxurious Supreme Solution Intensive Body Moisturizer.

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Benefits of Herbalix Organic Skin Care for Oily Skin

June 25th, 2012

A fallacy that is believed by many is that the skin care necessary for oily skin needs to be harsh in order to be effective. All you have to do is peruse the skin care aisles at the drugstore to see cleansers and other skin care items that are chock full with moisture stripping, synthetic chemicals. These types of products can actually contribute to oily skin by stripping and drying the skin. Instead, consider trying organic skin care products for your oily skin.

Oily skin can be tricky to manage. The large amount of sebum produced by oily skin is frustrating as it can lead to a shiny face and makeup that slides off your face halfway through the day. What is most difficult to manage is acne and clogged pores. Oily skin tends to be more acne-prone than other skin types. This is because the sebum produced mixes with bacteria in the pores and those clogs cause acne pimples. Treating oily skin with chemical-ridden cleansers and moisturizers with the mission of reducing sebum can actually backfire. The harsh chemicals dry the skin out too much and that causes it to produce more sebum. It’s a vicious cycle. As an alternative, choosing soothing Herbalix organic skin care can help balance the sebum, keep oily skin balanced, all without stripping natural oils.

Some of the most valuable ingredients, that are often found in organic skin care items like natural goat’s milk soap, are coconut oil, almond oil, and of course goat’s milk. First used by the Polynesians, coconut oil is ideal for all facets of skin and hair care. The reason that it’s perfect for use on oily skin is that it has antibacterial properties that can help prevent and treat acne. Herbalix offers nourishing goat’s milk soap with coconut oil that is a pure treat for oily skin.

Goat’s milk is also ideal for oily skin because it reduces alkalinity. It also has a PH level that is very similar to the skin. The fatty acids in goat’s milk have anti-fungal properties as well. These factors add just the necessary moisture to keep oily skin from looking greasy, while also promoting an even-toned complexion.

Those with serious acne and oily skin may end up on a topical prescription medication at some point. If that’s the case, it’s crucial that the rest of your skin care routine is gentle. You especially don’t want to use over-the-counter soaps and moisturizers. Organic skin care items are the way to go.

Go to to shop for natural goat’s milk soap and other organic skin and hair care items.

Which is better –Bar or Liquid Goat’s Milk Soap?

June 19th, 2012

Bar soap has been around for many, many centuries –and it was first used just for hand washing. The market eventually became flooded with shower gels, also known as body washes, which quickly became a popular alternative to bar soap.

The question that many consumers ask is which is better – goat’s milk bar soap or liquid goat’s milk soap? Basically there is really no real difference between the two except user preference.  Medical doctors and nurses seem to prefer liquid soap dispensers for hygiene purposes, along with ease of use with the pump.

Bar soap is usually round, oval or square-shaped, and the look and function went unchanged for many hundreds of years until non-soap formulas appeared on the market. Next, liquid products, primarily used for hand washing, soon flooded the marketplace and we began to see shower gels, body washes, and more – all of which were a popular alternative to bar soap.

Of course there are advantages and disadvantages to either the bar soap or the liquid soap. Consumers complaint about regular detergent-based bar soap because it washes away more than just dirt, leaving skin dry.  Goat’s milk bar soap leaves skin soft and supple.

Another thing many consumers notice and complain about — the slimy, sticky mess that bar soaps leave behind in your soap dish. Herbalix liquid goat’s milk soap is the same price.

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