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Fears Concerning Enterovirus 68 Respiratory Virus Spreading

September 18th, 2014

This year there are major concerns about the rare respiratory illness which is only affecting children across the U.S. The virus has now spread to at least 19 states, public health officials confirmed today, with four cases identified in children with asthma in California. The virus strain, known as enterovirus 68, can cause severe breathing problems. There have been around 153 confirmed cases across the country, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention. Sadly, it is believed that many more people have the virus and that it will appear in additional states in the near future.

First isolated in 1962 in California, the National Enterovirus Surveillance System showed 79 reports of the enterovirus 68 strain between 2009 and 2013.

virus Fears Concerning Enterovirus 68 Respiratory Virus Spreading

Enfluenza Virus

Adults can Get Cold and Flu Relief with Organic Respiratory Freedom Relief Salve – Can be used on children with advice of health care professional.

Many times, the discomfort of nasal passage is due to everyday environmental allergens like synthetic fragrances, dust and pollen. Furthermore, if you have excessive inflammatory conditions, then your body can be depleted of valuable anti-oxidant reserves. Ultimately this can over-tax the body’s natural self-healing system.


Respiratory Freedom Fears Concerning Enterovirus 68 Respiratory Virus Spreading

Respiratory Freedom Relief for Colds and Flu.

Herbalix Restoratives’ exclusive organic Respiratory Freedom Relief is a topical organic salve that helps people fight colds. An organic solution to the issues that come with the cold and flu season, this natural moisturizing stick salve can be used to relieve the symptoms of sinus pressure plus nasal and chest congestion. The salve is a topical non-steroidal formula. It is Acetaminophen-free, and contains no harmful preservatives or synthetic ingredients.

Benefits of Herbalix Respiratory Freedom Relief salve:

  • The convenient stick makes pain relief safe and easy
  • Great for traveling including airplanes
  • Relief from soreness while moisturizing to the skin
  • Helps Relieve allergy discomfort and sinus headaches
  • Excellent for use on chest, neck, throat, and head.
  • Works on tired vocal chords, congestion, allergies
  • Adds protection during flight, sore throat and coughs
  • Provides relief for insect bites too

The organic ingredients include: Rice Bran Oil, Cocoa Butter Shea Butter Sustainable, Virgin Mango Butter, Raw Beeswax, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil Avocado Oil, First Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Chamomile, White Camphor, Lemongrass Tea Tree Oil, Essential Oil of White Birch, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, and Rosemary. Of course as a preservative, the HerbalixOrganic Preservative will keep the product fresh without harmful preservatives often found in similar products.


What can You do for Cold and Flu Relieve?

February 6th, 2014
Respiratory Freedom What can You do for Cold and Flu Relieve?

Herbalix Respiratory Freedom Relief salve.

We have heard it thousands of times since childhood — to prevent a cold or the flu we must WASH OUR HANDS! But what many people do not realize is that in order to kill germs, you must wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and warm water – something most people never do. This is just one thing you can do to prevent getting sick. A healthy immune system is also important, so eating right, drinking water to flush out your system, and getting plenty of sleep )eight to 10 hours per night.)

This is most certainly the number one thing you can do to prevent getting sick. Herbalix ( recommends using their wonderful organic goat’s milk soap cream bar or liquid soaps.

Make sure that you wash door handles with a disinfecting soap, and don’t forget doorknobs, the bathrooms and any of your children’s toys with natural cleansers to keep germs under control.

Next, do not touch your face so much because Even if germs are on your hands, they can’t enter the body unless through the eyes, nose or mouth. You would be amazed at how many times you actually touch your face every day.

If you believe you are getting sick, just stay home and avoid kissing anyone on the lips, and do not let people touch your hands. Do not share any drinks, food, or makeup such as lipstick, lip balm or even toothpaste with other family members.

Make sure you always allow fresh air into your home weekly if not daily, even when it is really cold outside. Studies have proved that the air inside your home has two to five times more germs than the air outside. Allowing fresh air in will help to get stale, unhealthy air and germs out!

When you need a cold and flu remedy for some relief, try using an organic product like Herbalix Respiratory Freedom Relief Salve.

When your are sick, just make sure you use disposable products like paper plates, paper cups and towels, plus plastic silverware. Place tissues around your home and remind family members to keep their hands clean. And never leave bowls of nuts or unwrapped candy of around the house. Make sure any candies or mints are individually wrapped.

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Natural Cold and Flu Relief: Herbalix Respiratory Freedom Relief Salve

January 4th, 2014

By Liz Fessler

When the temperatures plunge as low as they have this week – many states are experiencing sub-zero weather conditions – it is no wonder that people are sick with colds and flu. But in reality, according to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), cold weather does not actually cause colds. Most likely colds occur more frequently during cold weather because the environments within the schools inside may increase exposure to the virus that causes colds – such as the coronaviruses and the rhinoviruses, which is the one virus that causes about 35 percent of all colds. Because people are indoors more in the winter, where the air is drier, this can mean a reduction in humidity, thus contributing to dry nasal passages, making us ripe for the viruses. It actually inflames the membranes in the lining of your nose and throat. There may be more than 200 different virus strains, but out of all of the cold viruses, the rhinoviruses (nose) and the coronaviruses (eyes) cause the majority of colds.

The common cold is basically just a viral and infectious disease of the upper respiratory tract affecting the nose and head. Symptoms are often miserable, including runny nose, sneezing, coughing, and a sore throat, along with joint stiffness, itchy eyes and a stuffed up head.

Did you know that during a one-year period, people in the United States will most likely suffer from about a billion colds. On average adults come down with between two to four colds a year, while young kids can have up to twelve colds in a year. Research from Ohio State University tells us that colds are one of the most prevalent illnesses, leading to more doctor visits and days missed from school and work than any other sickness annually.

Your overall health and resistance as well as the immune system help ward off colds, along with hand washing, avoiding touching mucous membranes such as the eyes and nose, coughing in your sleeve, hands to cover your mouth, using a tissue or handkerchief when possible or your sleeve as a last resort, and overall good hygiene. Naturalists will tell you to drink chicken soup, and that garlic, ginger or turmeric will help kill the virus germs.

There is one natural product that many people have discovered — the moisturizing stick salve, Herbalix Respiratory Freedom™ Relief Salve, which can help relieve

ResperatoryFreedom e1388870693731 Natural Cold and Flu Relief: Herbalix Respiratory Freedom Relief Salve

Get fast relief from cold and flu symptoms with Herbalix Respiratory Freedom Relief salve.

symptoms of nasal and chest congestion and sinus pressure due to the common cold and flu including post nasal drip cough and even neck stiffness. Or if you are often bothered by environmental allergens like synthetic fragrances, dust and pollen, then this product can help.

One of the key ingredients in the salve is Birch Essential Oil, which has the following basic properties: analgesic, antiseptic, astringent, anti-arthritic, anti-depressant detoxifying, disinfectant, anti-rheumatic, diuretic, germicide, stimulant and is even used as an insecticide.

In addition to helping relieve sinus headaches discomfort or allergy pain, Respiratory Freedom™ Relief Salve offers moisturizing elements to your skin, while relieving soreness when inflamed and irritated from sniffling.

The convenient packaging also makes pain relief easy. The salve is handy and never messy to carry in your purse or pocket, and great when traveling by air.

The salve is all natural, as you can see from this list of pure ingredients: Rice Bran Oil, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter Sustainable, Virgin Mango Butter, Raw Unfiltered Beeswax, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, First Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Chamomile, White Camphor, Lemongrass, Tea Tree Oil, Essential Oil of White Birch, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil and Herbalix™ Organic Preservative.

All Herbalix Salves are Acetaminophen and Gluten-free, and come in environmentally friendly packaging.

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Herbalix Respiratory Freedom Relief Salve is Acetaminophen-free and why this is important

October 13th, 2013

Why is it important to make sure any salves or creams that you use are Acetaminophen-free? Acetaminophen (C8H9NO2) is a crystalline compound used in medicine to relieve pain and reduce fever. Commonly found in medicines such as Tylenol, it has long been linked to liver disease. Some of the common side affects can include appetite loss, diarrhea, and liver failure.

Herbalix Respiratory Freedom Relief Salve is a topical non-steroidal formula containing no harmful preservatives, petroleum’s, and synthetic ingredients.

Respiratory Freedom Herbalix Respiratory Freedom Relief Salve is Acetaminophen free and why this is important

Herbalix Respiratory Freedom Relief salve.

Whenever there are excessive inflammatory conditions, the human body can be depleted of valuable oxidant reserves and over-tax the body’s own healing system. With fall allergies well underway, you can probably benefit by using a natural moisturizing stick salve that will relieve symptoms of sinus pressure, chest and nasal congestion due to environmental allergens such as dust or pollen and synthetic fragrances. Herbalix Respiratory Freedom Relief Salve will help with cold and flu relief, including neck stiffness, post nasal drip, and even a cough. Its convenient packaging is great for travel, plus it helps relieve sinus headaches and allergy pain, and it is Acetaminophen-free!

Just make sure to look at any of your medicines, and see if they have an ingredient named Acetaminophen. Always call for emergency medical help if you have any of these signs of an allergic reaction: difficulty breathing, hives, or swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat. You should also discontinue using that medication or call a doctor immediately if you have any side effects such as: low fever, nausea, clay-colored stools, dark urine, yellowing of the skin or eyes (also known as jaundice), stomach pain, or loss of appetite.

Natural Skin Care Trends for 2013

December 2nd, 2012

One fairly odd skin care trend for 2013 is a “Nightingale Poo” treatment which has beneficial enzymes in the bird’s feces. Lovely! This treatment can be used to exfoliate and help rejuvenate the skin, and is just one of the many new concepts surrounding natural skin care products. However, this is probably one we would not recommend. However, there is huge growth in the natural and organic skin care and cosmetic industry, as evidenced below.

Mintel, a market research firm, did a forecast back in 2010 showing that the skin care future would be bright with sales projected to increase from $4.35 billion in 2009 to $4.97 in 2013 after economic recovery in the United States and globally. The firm also said that the biggest year on year growth would take place in 2013 at 4.9 percent.

The latest trends today in cosmetics and skin care involve new projection motion sensor technologies. For example, in the Asia Pacific where space is limited, marketers are using technology to target the consumer and bring them into the buying experience. First they will track to find out if you are a man or a woman, and you may hear and see water, then when you walk away this water turns into a trickle.

New technology in Brazil projects images of real live people in digital form onto a screen featuring products along the side. If you are a customer, you would simply point at the product you wish to try, then use your finger to pretend to apply lipstick, and it will suddenly appear on your lips in the image on the mirror.

When it comes to natural skin care products, in 2013 the trends will continue for pure organic skin creams, and serums that support skin cell regeneration. Detoxification creams will become more and more popular – even those that help target belly fat for weight loss – such as Belly Stripper. One detoxing product is called the Herbalix Cleansing Detox Deodorant, which cleanses and deodorizes while you sleep, removing any buildup of metals like aluminum caused from antiperspirants. This ultimately supports healthy lymphatic flow, and ultimately reduces underarm odors altogether.

Is Anti-bacterial Soap Necessary?

October 10th, 2012

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), anti-bacterial soaps are not necessary. So the craze for using anything antibacterial may be useless. Following is a list of the whys, and what you can do instead.

Components of these kinds of soaps such as triclosan or triclocarbon, need to be left on a surface for about two minutes minimum to do their job. Most people wash it off prior to this time frame. Research shows that almost 75 percent of liquid soaps currently on shelves in U.S. grocery stores display the word “antibacterial” on their labels. So are Americans germ free and cleaner now than ever before? Many experts say no.

The CDC does recommend washing your hands thoroughly with ordinary soap and warm water. This is good news for companies like Herbalix Restoratives, producers of organic skin care and soaps products.

What’s more, many common diseases are viral in nature, and not prevented by antibacterial products. There are also rumors that bacteria may develop a resistance to bactericidal agents over time. Some bacteria is good for us. Bacteria on our bodies not only eats sweat, but also helps defend us against truly harmful, invasive bacteria.

Just simply washing your hands thoroughly with ordinary soap and warm water is one of the most effective ways to ward off infection.

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The Benefits of Olive Oil in Skin Care Products

June 30th, 2012

Olive oil has been a Mediterranean cosmetic and culinary staple forever. You might have read about it in history books –the ancient Romans used it in their baths to collect dirt and sweat.

Sadly, today we have embraced health and beauty products made from primarily synthetic ingredients. But, olive oil is prized for its lubricating properties for skin and hair because it is brimming with vitamins A and E.  Plus olive oil contains a triterpene called squalene that is highly valuable, which has antioxidant properties and is believed to inhibit UV damage.

Using olive oil based skin care products also help maintain and restore skin’s elasticity, and when used after a bath or shower, can help the skin to retain hydration by inhibiting water loss.  Herbalix Supreme Solution body moisturizers contains high concentrations of not only olive oil, but also skin nourishing emollients including sweet almond oil, avocado oil and rice bran oil (which also contains squalene).

The Herbalix Supreme Solution Intensive Body Moisturizers are quite potent, water-free moisturizers that are formulated for both men and women.  They are free of petroleum products, propylene glycol, parabens and other synthetic ingredients. Herbalix moisturizers deliver a heavy dose of lubrication to parched skin.  They are available in either fragrance-free versions or suffused with fresh and invigorating essential oils including clary sage essential oil, grapefruit essential oil, blood orange essential oil and cinnamon bark essential oil, among others.

Supreme Solution moisturizers are very intense, unlike most commercial lotions. In order to receive the full benefit, one must massage the lotion deeply and thoroughly to allow the nourishing oils to penetrate fully.  Once fully absorbed, Herbalix Supreme Solution Body Lotion will provide continuous skin softening properties for hours on end.

It’s important for your skin to look as radiant as possible.  Before heading out to the beach or any sun-intensive summer destination, try treating your skin to a natural, soothing and luxurious Supreme Solution Intensive Body Moisturizer.

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Study Finds Physical Fitness Curbs Frequency and Severity of Colds

October 31st, 2011

According to a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine people who are active and physically fit not only have milder
colds, but they have fewer colds. The severity of symptoms fell by 41 percent among those who felt the fittest and by 31 percent among those who were the most active.

In addition, the number of days the participants had cold symptoms varied quite a lot between winter and autumn, with an average of 13 days in the winter and 8 days in the autumn. Being older, male, and married seemed to reduce the frequency of colds, but after taking into
account some other influential factors, the most significant factors were
perceived fitness and the amount of exercise taken in.

The number of days with symptoms among those who said they were physically active on five or more days of the week and felt fit, was almost one half (43% to 46% less) that of those who exercised on only one or fewer days of the week.

Bouts of exercise spark a temporary rise in immune system cells circulating around the body, say the authors. Although these levels fall back within a few hours, each bout is likely to enhance surveillance of harmful viruses and bacteria,  so reducing the number and severity of infections, such as the common cold.

Nonetheless, no matter how much you exercise, when you do get a cold, it is nice to know that there is cold and flu relief from the Herbalix Respiratory Freedom™ Relief Salve. Get it this month for less!