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Fears Concerning Enterovirus 68 Respiratory Virus Spreading

September 18th, 2014

This year there are major concerns about the rare respiratory illness which is only affecting children across the U.S. The virus has now spread to at least 19 states, public health officials confirmed today, with four cases identified in children with asthma in California. The virus strain, known as enterovirus 68, can cause severe breathing problems. There have been around 153 confirmed cases across the country, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention. Sadly, it is believed that many more people have the virus and that it will appear in additional states in the near future.

First isolated in 1962 in California, the National Enterovirus Surveillance System showed 79 reports of the enterovirus 68 strain between 2009 and 2013.

virus Fears Concerning Enterovirus 68 Respiratory Virus Spreading

Enfluenza Virus

Adults can Get Cold and Flu Relief with Organic Respiratory Freedom Relief Salve – Can be used on children with advice of health care professional.

Many times, the discomfort of nasal passage is due to everyday environmental allergens like synthetic fragrances, dust and pollen. Furthermore, if you have excessive inflammatory conditions, then your body can be depleted of valuable anti-oxidant reserves. Ultimately this can over-tax the body’s natural self-healing system.


Respiratory Freedom Fears Concerning Enterovirus 68 Respiratory Virus Spreading

Respiratory Freedom Relief for Colds and Flu.

Herbalix Restoratives’ exclusive organic Respiratory Freedom Relief is a topical organic salve that helps people fight colds. An organic solution to the issues that come with the cold and flu season, this natural moisturizing stick salve can be used to relieve the symptoms of sinus pressure plus nasal and chest congestion. The salve is a topical non-steroidal formula. It is Acetaminophen-free, and contains no harmful preservatives or synthetic ingredients.

Benefits of Herbalix Respiratory Freedom Relief salve:

  • The convenient stick makes pain relief safe and easy
  • Great for traveling including airplanes
  • Relief from soreness while moisturizing to the skin
  • Helps Relieve allergy discomfort and sinus headaches
  • Excellent for use on chest, neck, throat, and head.
  • Works on tired vocal chords, congestion, allergies
  • Adds protection during flight, sore throat and coughs
  • Provides relief for insect bites too

The organic ingredients include: Rice Bran Oil, Cocoa Butter Shea Butter Sustainable, Virgin Mango Butter, Raw Beeswax, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil Avocado Oil, First Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Chamomile, White Camphor, Lemongrass Tea Tree Oil, Essential Oil of White Birch, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, and Rosemary. Of course as a preservative, the HerbalixOrganic Preservative will keep the product fresh without harmful preservatives often found in similar products.


One Herbalix Customer’s Results After an 80-Night Detox

September 14th, 2014

Topical detoxing or skin purging is a novel approach to cleansing one’s body.  As we age our bodies become sluggish which you may notice as a decline in energy, changes in body functions, excess inflammation and apparent changes in body shape.  It may take as long to detox as it does for us to accumulate and build up toxicity, and each circumstance is unique. It is safe to assume that for every year of toxicity you could be looking at one month of commitment.  So if you have ten years of accumulation, then the average is generally 10 months to reach a desired goal. Medications, alcohol consumption, smoking, ingesting nicotine gum, diet, the amount of aluminum (alums) in your body from topical products like antiperspirants used under the arms, air, food, water, even environmental factors and stress, etc. — all add to how long it will take to detox.  Using any of the Herbalix organic detox products, Nighttime Cleansing Detox Deodorant™ or the Herbalix Women’s 80-Night Lymph Detox Kit will help create internal balance by ridding the body of accumulated toxins.

SwaetGlands One Herbalix Customer’s Results After an 80 Night Detox

Sweat glands can become blocked.

If you have been using a commercial deodorant or antiperspirant, check the label to see if it contains any type of aluminum, alum, petroleum or propylene glycol, any or all of which can lead to the buildup of chemicals under your arms, resulting in irritation, hygiene problems, or worse. Blocking the sweat ducts results in backing up the lymphatic system, trapping the toxins and impacting cell function. The cell trash, impurities, toxins and bacteria affect the pH of the body, but also render the cells ineffective in performing basic and essential functions such as cell signaling. The ion channels are  ultimately out of balance, either with too much sodium or potassium. Alum is a salt which has no human benefit even though it is found in the earth’s crust. It is toxic to the human body and wreaks havoc with our body’s ability to manufacture and utilize calcium. The result is that we are calcium deficient; our lymph is clogged up with calcification and resulting cysts, etc.

The Herbalix Nighttime Cleansing Detox Deodorant uses kelp which is a higher form of salt than aluminum or alum. Kelp helps the body adjust to its natural pH and in turn allows the body to restore normal calcium levels naturally.

Herbalix skin purging detox products cleanse away buildup to release waste fluids, supports healthy lymphatic flow, and absorbs all types of aluminum, encouraging a reduction in daytime odors.

Here is what one customer said after tracking her progress over three months of using the Herbalix Women’s 80-Night Lymph Detox Program includes:

• Detox Deodorant
• Geranium Deodorant
• Coriander Kelp Scrub Bar
• Belly Fat Freedom
• Sentinel Breast Crème

The program comes with explicit directions and convenient tracking sheets. Read the 80 Night Lymph Detox Protocol for Women [PDF]

“Here are the results of my 80-Night Detox! It was a wonderful experience and I am so thrilled I did it,” said Sophie Woodle, Minnesota

Side effects that I experienced on the program included:

1) Increased urination during the night that tapered off
2) Itchy skin throughout the night (intermittent)
3) Crazy dreams!
4) A weirdly big skin tag on the outside of my upper left thigh that shocked me when it showed up, which was near the end of my detox. I’m putting Frankincense on it nightly and it’s slowly shrinking.

Start Date: May 14, 2014
Neck – 14 inches
Chest – 38 inches
R. Arm – 13.3 inches
L. Arm – 13 inches
Waist – 35.3 inches
Hips – 41 inches
R. Thigh – 24 inches
L. Thigh – 23.5 inches
Weight – 155

End Date: August 12, 2014
Neck – 14 inches
Chest – 37.5 inches
R. Arm – 11.5 inches
L. Arm – 11.5 inches
Waist – 34 inches
Hips – 41 inches
R. Thigh – 22 inches
L. Thigh – 22 inches
Weight – 153

This customer’s testimonials shows that parts of the body are beginning to respond, which means the detox cream is working on the body systemically. She can still target specific areas topically if she wants to work on those, but her progress is excellent. The fact that she did not drop too many pounds at this stage is not the important part, as that will definitely come in time, but the loss of inches is amazing. Her body is now ridding itself of inflammation, much of it found in visceral fat. The body is smart in that it selects the places to begin the process of cleansing. With continued detoxing, a gradual, safe and sustainable change will take place as her body returns to a comfortable, healthy, appropriate size.

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