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What can You do for Cold and Flu Relieve?

February 6th, 2014
Respiratory Freedom What can You do for Cold and Flu Relieve?

Herbalix Respiratory Freedom Relief salve.

We have heard it thousands of times since childhood — to prevent a cold or the flu we must WASH OUR HANDS! But what many people do not realize is that in order to kill germs, you must wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and warm water – something most people never do. This is just one thing you can do to prevent getting sick. A healthy immune system is also important, so eating right, drinking water to flush out your system, and getting plenty of sleep )eight to 10 hours per night.)

This is most certainly the number one thing you can do to prevent getting sick. Herbalix ( recommends using their wonderful organic goat’s milk soap cream bar or liquid soaps.

Make sure that you wash door handles with a disinfecting soap, and don’t forget doorknobs, the bathrooms and any of your children’s toys with natural cleansers to keep germs under control.

Next, do not touch your face so much because Even if germs are on your hands, they can’t enter the body unless through the eyes, nose or mouth. You would be amazed at how many times you actually touch your face every day.

If you believe you are getting sick, just stay home and avoid kissing anyone on the lips, and do not let people touch your hands. Do not share any drinks, food, or makeup such as lipstick, lip balm or even toothpaste with other family members.

Make sure you always allow fresh air into your home weekly if not daily, even when it is really cold outside. Studies have proved that the air inside your home has two to five times more germs than the air outside. Allowing fresh air in will help to get stale, unhealthy air and germs out!

When you need a cold and flu remedy for some relief, try using an organic product like Herbalix Respiratory Freedom Relief Salve.

When your are sick, just make sure you use disposable products like paper plates, paper cups and towels, plus plastic silverware. Place tissues around your home and remind family members to keep their hands clean. And never leave bowls of nuts or unwrapped candy of around the house. Make sure any candies or mints are individually wrapped.

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