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Organic Aches and Pains Salve for Sports Injuries

August 12th, 2013

Today there are many forms of sports exercise – from soccer, basketball, baseball or football, or gymnastics, to hiking, jogging, running, surfing, or tennis. Injuries can occur at any time in any of these sports, and when there is an injury, there is also inflammation, which will deplete a body of valuable anti-oxidant reserves and over-tax its own healing system. Most muscle pain is caused by inflammation, a condition that is characterized by stiffness, swelling, muscle soreness or weakness, and non-specific pain

JointPain SmartSalve Organic Aches and Pains Salve for Sports InjuriesHerbalix makes an aches and pains salve called Smart Salve™ that is a topical non-steroidal formula with no harmful preservatives, synthetic ingredients or petroleum’s. If you have ever had excessive inflammatory conditions, especially during the winter months, then you know how your body hurts.

If you have been injured, then you will need to undergo tests to diagnose the specific cause of muscle inflammation because there can be a number of reasons for this condition that should be ruled out if your symptoms are unknown in origin. Chronic muscle inflammation can be due to multiple sclerosis autoimmune disease, or lupus which would be confirmed after blood tests and imaging.

Typically muscle inflammation can be attributed to too much exercise overexertion from recreational sports or too much exercise. If this is the case, applying heat is the right thing to do since it increases blood circulation – so make sure you get a an electric heating pad, then use a good aches and pains salve. Ice is not necessarily the best option.

Inflammation and muscle pain are often dealt with or managed by doctors with non-steroidal pain relievers, which are often called NASAIDS, medications that are available without a prescription. These typically include aspirin, ibuprofen, and prescribed versions that are much stronger like naproxen. And for chronic or severe symptoms treatment with ultrasound, massage therapy, or physical rehabilitation exercises may be helpful.

SmartSalve moisturizing stick has been designed to help with muscle fatigue and soreness. It also has other uses from treating insect bites, to sunburns, and it provides relief gently and effectively without side effects. SmartSalve is:
•Good for sore joints and aching muscles!
•Used before/after sports, workouts or dancing.
•Provides moisturizing to the skin while relieving soreness.
•Includes no heavy camphor fumes.
•May be used to help relieve symptoms of inflammation caused from hemorrhoids and varicose veins.
•Helps with the relief of mosquitos and other insect bites

Other complementary therapies which can ease muscle inflammation include: homeopathic dosages of arnica often bring relief. The topical application of certain essential oils diluted with carrier oil may help as well. These include white birch and wintergreen, both of which possess anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. In fact, the latter is used in many over-the-counter ointments formulated specifically for muscle aches. In addition, taking fish oil supplements may help due to the anti-inflammatory action of omega-3 fatty acids.

During recovery it is advisable to stay clear of consuming too many animal products, which contain high levels of pro-inflammatory fats. These fats promote the excessive production of leukotrienes, which causes the immune system to go into overdrive. The end result is more inflammation.

One last note — getting enough sleep can help diminish inflammation or muscle pain, which can be difficult when the pain and swelling, or even muscle spasms interrupt your sleep. It can relieve pain when you take a hot bath, rub aches and pains salve on the sore muscles, and then make sure to get more than eight hours of sleep. Research in this area suggests that there is a connection between the body’s ability to repair itself and rest.

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