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Organic Skin Care and Adult Acne

April 22nd, 2013

You wake up and take a look in the mirror and see acne forming. What are you going to do? Here’s a plan that you can take to the bank to combat acne before it spreads. But first let us get comfortable and review how our acne may have erupted. Just like a volcano forms from excess lava, our bodies are constantly ridding excess toxins or cellular waste.

The skin is an organ and when eruptions occur, especially around the face, we need to take several preventative measures. Herbalix has connected several easy factors that may explain the reasons why.

First, if you have animals, then you we need to wash your hands after petting them. That’s simple enough to follow, but washing with an organic goats milk soap or liquid hand soaps is paramount as they are designed to clean foreign bacteria away. Also Herbalix bar soaps and liquid hand soaps contain a certain saponified Nubian goats milk and Herbalix bacteria (ingredients) absorbing agents to help protect your skins immune matrix. You can safely use them on your face when you wake up and before sleeping to help regenerate healthy skin layers.

You may be trapping unhealthy skin layers with non-beneficial products that increase bacteria on the skin. Herbalix skin care products are really great at removing make-up, as opposed to adverse astringent and drying chemicals that are on the market that may be leading to breaking down your skins’ immune system.

Dietary issues such as wheat and sugars accelerate can also contribute to acne due to gut inflammation. Did you know an inflamed gut can exhaust thru the lungs and this leads to skin eruptions around the mouth? Additionally, the belly needs attention to ward off excess salts found in breads, pizza and other starches that accumulate in the gut. Stick to more greens and reduce the salts found in processed foods. Herbalix has developed a new product to help cleanse the salt and toxins in the fatty tissues surrounding your organs called Belly Stripper (