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Why Organic Skin Care is More Affordable

April 5th, 2012

You may be wondering how organic skin care products can be less expensive than traditional skin care products.  The reason is because  people more likely use more of a particular traditional product and they therefore need to buy it more frequently.

Non-organic skin care products contain a high percentage of water — this is actually often a base ingredient, so, you’re basically purchasing a highly diluted product.  A person who uses non-organic cream moisturizers may go through two to three jars before they notice results. Plus, the results are usually only temporary. You’re actually saving more money when you buy organic skin care products because you consume less of the product, the results are visible earlier and they last because your skin is becoming healthier.

The Herbalix Geranium Cream Moisturizer for dry-damaged skin may cost more than the average cream moisturizers you find at traditional stores for $8.99. Why?  Because  this product contains a variety of natural ingredients. It also lasts a lot longer than a jar of non-organic moisturizer. And the good news is the results are visible earlier and they last.  The main reason for this is that your skin is becoming much healthier.