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Non-Aluminum Deodorants Help Those Who Sweat

March 20th, 2012

There is one very important part of  your body — the underarms.  Have you ever wondered why they smell?  Experts are just now learning about how this affects our health. Your underarms are the part of our bodies where the fluids from the lymph nodes drain.

Body odor is the unpleasant smell our bodies can give off when bacteria that live on the skin break down sweat into acids. Actually it is the  bacteria breaking down protein into certain acids. Ironically, sweat itself is odorless to human beings. It is the rapid multiplication of bacteria with sweat that causes the unpleasant smell – and this is simply perceived as unpleasant because most people have been taught to dislike it. Many people with smelly underarms are finding they get better results when they use a non-aluminum deodorant.

Body odor starts around 14 to 16 years of age in girls and 15-17 years in boys.  People who eat spicy foods, or the obese, plus individuals with diabetes, are more prone to having body odor. Body odor can occur in our feet, anus, genitals, groin area, pubic hair, armpits, and even behind the ears. The odor can have a specific smell to each and every individual. Plus a person’s unique body odor can be influenced by gender, health, medication and diet.

Human bodies have three to four million sweat glands, of which there are two types: eccrine glands and apocrine glands. Eccrine glands are a type of simple sweat gland located in almost all areas on the body where there is skin. They produce sweat that reaches the skin’s surface via coiled ducts (tubes). Eccrine glands are responsible for regulating our body’s temperature. Apocrine glands are found in the genital area, breasts, eyelids, armpits, and ears.

Benefits of Using Liquid Goat’s Milk Soap

March 5th, 2012

All to often in the hustle and bustle of our morning routines, steps in the beauty regimen are skipped.  You don’t need to trade precious minutes of sleep to make sure you look good !  Try shifting some morning activities to the night before. You can wash and dry your hair in the evening. Or even skip wet hair altogether; a lot of women are switching to dry shampoo
Here are just a few tips to follow:

Rather than applying a full face of makeup, consider tinting your lashes at a beauty salon. Semi-permanent dye colors lashes for up to a month giving your eyes a natural look.  You can also skip the foundation as well.  Try  loose  mineral powder can give you as much coverage as a liquid foundation, and you can add concealer for problem spots – like under the eyes or over blemishes.

You might consider switching to a liquid goat’s milk soap. The alpha-hydroxy acids in liquid goat’s milk soap penetrate the top layers of the skin to exfoliate or slough off old skin cells. This exfoliation stimulates the skin to regenerate healthy cells.  The result is smoother, softer skin with fewer fine wrinkles.

Liquid goat’s milk soap also “feeds” the skin as it is able to penetrate skin cell walls in a way other soaps can’t. The pH of goat’s milk is very close to the skin’s own pH levels. This ultimately enables the skin to absorb the emollients in the milk as well as the glycerin that is a natural byproduct of soap making.

There are many ways to make your mornings less hectic. If you want to streamline your beauty routine, consider taking makeup out of the equation and focusing on what’s underneath. A liquid goat’s milk soap might give you the confidence to go makeup free.