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The Dangers of Damage from Mr. Sun

September 8th, 2011

slide skin orig 150x150 The Dangers of Damage from Mr. SunOK the summer is almost over, but September has been bringing scorching weather to some states like California and Texas late this year.  And people will just keep on going outside in the sun. Yet over-exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays can not only increase the risk for skin cancer, it also causes premature aging of the skin. Sun damage causes our skin to age in two ways: color and texture. If you don’t want to really believe this, simply take a look at the skin beneath your wrist watch. It is sun protected. The rest of your skin COULD look this good, but you would need to limit your sun exposure, and it could also help to use the very best organic skin care products.

Chronic sun exposure causes the skin to react and many different color changes can happen.  There are solar lentigoes – better known as brown spots, liver spots or sun spots. There is also something clinically known as poikiloderma, or a mottled red, brown, and white skin discoloration usually appearing on the upper chest and neck.

Skin texture also changes due to too much sun which alters the collagen and elastin in our skin, which once broken down leads to deeper lines and wrinkles.  This is also a major cause of fine lines on the face. Both UVA and UVB rays from the sun can penetrate deeply into the skin, and this exposes your cells to radiation.

Although many age related changes in your skin are inevitable, due to loss of hormones with aging,  simply limiting your exposure to the sun can help prevent further damage. Plus, Herbalix Supreme Solution for natural skin care is ideal for aging skin.