Antimicrobial Preservatives Evaluation

Test Product: Durga Herbalix™ Phase 1 Massage Tincture (Lot Number Not Provided)

Challenge MicroorganismATCC #Initial Population

(CFU/mL of Product)

Days Following InoculationLog10 ReductionPercent Reduction
Aspergillus niger164041.1425 x 10776.0579 Œ99.9999%
146.0579 Œ99.9999%
286.0579 Œ99.9999%
Candida albicans102319.750 x 10574.9890 Œ99.9990%
144.9890 Œ99.9990%
284.9890 Œ99.9990%
Escherichia coli87393.7250 x 10574.5711 Œ99.9973%
144.5711 Œ99.9973%
284.5711 Œ99.9973%
Pseudomonas aeruginosa90275.450 x 10574.7364 Œ99.9982%
144.7364 Œ99.9982%
284.7364 Œ99.9982%
Staphylococcus aureus65387.5250 x 10574.8765 Œ99.9987%
144.8765 Œ99.9987%
284.8765 Œ99.9987%

ŒMeets the following USP 29, NF 24, 2006 acceptance criteria for Category 2 Products (Topically used, aqueous based products):  Bacteria should be reduced from the initial population by no less than 2.0 Log10 by Day 14, and should exhibit no increase in population from Day 14 at Day 28.  Populations of yeast/mold should exhibit no increase from the initial calculated population at Day 14 or Day 28.